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Hiking Old Rag Mountain

- By Bob Kirchman

Round Trip Distance: 5.6 miles (to summit and back by the Ridge Trail) 7.2 miles using Weakley Hollow Fire Road as a loop).
Trail Rating: Difficult in Places -- Rock Scramble and some climbing --Moderate difficulty on non-rocky portions of the trail. Easy return walk on Weakley Hollow Fire Road, well maintained trail. about 2000' elevation change.
Reference: PATC Map 10 (available at entrance stations)
Reference: Heatwole's Guide.

From Virginia Highway 231 take 601 or 707 to route 600. There are signs. Parking is available at the station where you pay your fee. It is .8 mile up 600 to the trailhead parking, which is often full if you are not very early.

Begin a moderately uphill walk at the beginning to the rocks where you will work to climb and squeeze yourself through in places. There is a false summit and some other suprises are thrown in. If you are in good physical shape this trail gives you a great workout. If you are out of shape, be prepared to be challenged! This is one hike you should not miss if you want to truely experience Shenandoah Park. The Weakley Hollow loop is a great way to extend your hike in a relaxed manner. Allow a full day for your trip and pack a power lunch. We always eat at the summit and enjoy the view back toward the Skyline Drive, Robertson Mountain and Hawksbill. In the Spring and Winter, you can see the falls up in White Oak Canyon! More on Old Rag Trail


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